Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin'
Turn the Page
Rounder (

Double Clutchin's Turn the Page shows them to be the consummate bar band. They're ready to bop till you drop, and this CD delivers a long set, almost 70 minutes worth of hot and cool Zydeco. There is a theory that the dinosaurs did not die out, they turned into birds. This CD makes me feel that way about R&B; it didn't die out, it turned into Zydeco (or is it the other way around?) The opening track is the first indicator. The classic "Higher and Higher" transmuted into a classic Zydeco hip-swinging beat. "Talk Talk" shows the band strutting its bad self, and identifying themselves with a catchy vocal riff, just in case you didn't know who you were listening to. Chris Ardoin is a forceful and inventive accordionist, and uses his instrument as much for thoughtful settings as burning solos. The rest of the band delivers tight, funky playing and very welcome backup singing. My only criticism is that it is a very long set, and not every song is a gem; some bear too great a resemblance to each other. But this is high energy, committed zydeco that doesn't stray far from its roots, and that's welcome in and of itself. - Michal Shapiro

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