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Music of the Month for May, 2017

Lee Blackstone writes in his RootsWorld review, 'The Norwegian trio features Jon Hjellum Brodal, Tuva Faerden, and Maja Gravermoen Toresen on hardanger fiddles, fiddles, lyres, and the occasional mandolin. Their full-length debut is beautifully produced, with plenty of space and depth that let the low mellow tones of the hardanger fiddle grow and the sprightly lyres shine. They combine a minimalist approach and a sly pop sensibility. They can sometimes remind the listener of Groupa with tunes that nod to their coloring and percussive romps. Vrang sparkle, and they are a band full of promise.'

These CDs were donated by KKV Music in Norway, so all proceeds go to support the magazine and radio program.
We thank them for their generous support.

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