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Sam Pirt (UK)


  1. Istumpa Sankys Laitalla (trad)
  2. MacVaerk (Lundgard) / Polska fran Maklinta (trad)
  3. A Special Day (Pirt)
  4. Horseshoe Harbour (Moynihan)
  5. Improv on Chords (Pirt)

Sam Pirt returns with a set of solos this year (last year he was 'here' with the award winning ensemble 422), including some traditional tunes from both home and abroad, as well as two original works, all recorded exclusively for the 2001 Free Reed Festival.

About the songs:

  • "Istumpa Sankys Laitalla" is a traditional Finnish tune that I learnt form the playing of Maria Kalaniemi.
  • "MacVaerk (Lundgard) / Polska fran Maklinta (trad)" : I learnt the first tune from the fantastic Danish band, Danish Dia Delight, and the second I got from my good friend and fellow English accordionist Karen Tweed.
  • I composed "A Special Day" at 12:00 at night, which is why I think it is so slow, but it is a very thoughtfl tune and one of my favourites.
  • I learnt "Horseshoe Harbour" from karen tweed; it is a really nice, relaxed tune. ( composed by Diarmuid Moynihan)
  • "Improv on Chords" is based around chords that develop as the piece progresses. It was recorded live and not in anyways planned.

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