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Marty Lipp talks with M.K. (2001)

Review: Airbow w/ Sven Alhback

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Maria Kalaniemi and Timo Alakotila

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Two of Finland's most important roots and new music composers and musicians (and continual RootsWorld favorites!) come together in a duet, one of the first recordings in their new duo project to be released later this year. The song is composed by Kalaniemi.

Maria says: "I composed this tune after a great vacation in Rumania,Transylvania, last summer,and Oradea is a name of one of these Transylvanian villages. We had a chance to visit a great folk-music festival in Rumania and also we heard great Gipsy street musicians. These musicians gave [me] inspiration for this tune. I think it is possible to hear some Balkan influences mixed with the Arctic; sunny and cold influences?! Timo plays piano and I use the free-bass accordion in this tune. - Terveisin, Maria"

Read an interview. (2001)

Some recordings:
Kalaniemi, Maans and Varis In Ramunder's Footsteps
The Helsinki Two-Row Ladies: five women playing the 2 row accordion (melodeon); Maria Kalaniemi, Pia Rask, Riitta Kossi, Maija Karhinen and Sirkka Kosonen.
Maria Kalaniemi and Sven Ahlbäck Airbow.

Timo Alakotila appears on most of Maria Kalaniemi's recordings. Heperforms with JPP and was part of a unique duet project with bassist Pekka Lehti called Outo Voima. Timo was featured in last year's festival in a duet with Karen Tweed. Their new recording, May Monday.

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