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Guy Klucevsek / Phillip Johnston Duo
Guy Klucevsek / Phillip Johnston
Guy Klucevsek: accordion | Phillip Johnston: soprano saxophone


"Tulips Are Better Than One"
composed by Guy Klucevsek

"I worked with Phillip Johnston in a band of his with vocalist Nora York back in the 80's, and enjoyed his music tremendously. Over the ensuing decades, though our performing lives drifted apart, I always kept track of Phillip's projects and continued to enjoy the originality, genre-bending, wit and wonderful arranging which infuse his music. Recently, I found myself wanting to do another duo project with a composer/instrumentalist (having loved my experience with Alan Bern), and immediately thought of Phillip. To my delight, he was excited about the idea as well and we both began writing music for the project, which we continue to do."- GK

Guy's Web Site

Recent recordings:
Accordance (with Alan Bern)
Free Range Accordion


"Trial By Error"
composed by Phillip Johnston

"Ever since I first noticed the resemblance between Guy Klucevsek & Alfred Jarry's own drawings illustrating his play Pere Ubu, I knew that we (Guy & I) were meant to be together. For although I am 6 and a half feet tall and proud to be of native Hawaiian descent, inwardly, I too see myself that way, or as Homer Simpson in his underwear. In fact, while I appreciate electronic music from an intellectual point of view, I never really feel the thrill in my bones, the urge to get up and shake a leg, or the chill down my back like one of my favorite bad acid trips, that I do when I hear an accordion. Or a banjo for that matter. - Phillip Johnston

Phillip's Web Site

Recent recordings:
The Merry Frolics of Satan

"Tulips.." © 2001 Guy Klucevsek Music, used by permission
"Trial..." © 2001 Jedible Music, used by permission

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