Finlandia Day at the Festival

Finland is the editor's home-away-from-home, a place he visits to too briefly and never enough. So in lieu of Kaustinen and saunas, I make due with the music. Maria Kalaniemi and Kimmo Pohjonen have contributed newly recorded pieces to the festival, both strikingly original, both quite different. We also have some tracks from some new Finnish recordings, more of which will be added throughout the festival this month. - CF

Maria Kalaniemi

Kimmo Pohjonen

A live recording of Finland's most exhuberent player, Teppo Välimäki

Juke Box
Timo A new song from Pekka Lehti and Timo Alakotila
Timo also plays piano with piano accordionist Karen Tweed in this live recording

Also: Listen to the 1999 Festival of Finns Archive

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