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Edge City Collective

Ranji The Edge City Collective is a confederation of musicians committed to creating improvisational music in recorded form. Their just-released album is called Guitarrasalto.

In their own words:
All of these pieces feature our accordionist, Ranji Kumar. Born in New Delhi, she has degrees in both classical and jazz performance and is an unofficial accordion musicologist. Her credits include the New England Conservatory, Sy Platt Trio, Boston Globe Jazz Festival, Orchestral Society of Philadelphia, Trio Brazil and Bala Hounds, among many others.

Listen! 1. Plastic(Kumar)
Ranji Kumar – accordion
This is an accordion quartet in 5/4 time built on a loop from an improvisational solo.
Listen! 2. Mediterraneo (Kumar/Schaffer)
Ranji Kumar – accordion; Jon Madof – guitar; Scott Schaffer – mandolin; Michael Taylor – bass
This piece started as an impromptu jam between Scott and Ranji. We tried a second accordion take and decided to keep it in the mix. Jon and Mike then added parts that provided the tune's rhythmic flavor.

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Contact by e-mail at or by phone at 610-668-8436.

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