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Led by drummer Scott Kettner, Nation Beat weaves together a funky mix of soul, hip hop, R&B and Brazilian groove with horns and drums. This single, from their upcoming album, features rap and rhymer Christylez Bacon. Their previous album, The Royal Chase, was one of our picks for Music of the Month in 2020. May, 2024

So, Slide Sonatas II has something to do wth space travel, Legos and slide guitar. It's also a free download. Visit Geiger von Muller's web site to figure it out. April, 2024

Wagadu Grooves: The Hypnotic Sound of Camara 1987 - 2016 explores the Parisian record label Camara Production. Founded in the 1980s by Malian businessman Gaye Mody Camara, his laebl spanned the continent, listening to Malian zouk, Mauritanian reggae, and so much more, a veritable "forward in all directions" kind of label. Just as an example, here's one from Sonike artist Halima Kissima Touré. But every track to be different. May, 2024

Sandman Project’s debut album Where Did You Go? is another all-directions kind of a thing, lost of brass and percussion, where Ethio- jazz, Afrobeat, American soul music and psychedelic, Mediterranean funk all converge. June 2024

Here it is, the odds and sods from Tiger Moth, the band that gleefully trampled all over English ceilidh music in the 1980s and introduced it to sounds from around the globe. Ostracon collects the tracks from the two LPs they released that didn't make it on to the Mothballs best-of collection, and adds on a 2004 track from the band's reunion in 2004. You've never heard the old-time banjo frailing track "Soldier's Joy" sound like this before, and who can resist something titled "Hunt The Goat"? Much more besides to send you crashing round the living room and breaking the lamps as you dance. January, 2024

Need a big baglama in your life? Some lush psychedelic pop from Turkey? A bit of disco Arabesque? Şatellites has got you covered in their new set of songs and instrumentals that span the middle east and Europe. April, 2023

You will be hearing about his band new Strandline in RootsWorld soon, but back in 2020 Claude Lamon released this odd little treasure under the name Blowing My Own Trumpet. Very different, but it shares a certain musical naivete that I found charming enough to share with you now. October 2020

In duets of original songs, Brazilian guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento and British saxophonist Sam Gendel pay homage to jazz and tradition from Brazil and beyond. Here's the single from their upcoming album, The Room.
January, 2024

We Know By The Moon is the 2023 release by Scots-British folk ensemble, The Furrow Collective. Lucy Farrell, Rachel Newton, Emily Portman and Alasdair Roberts celebrate the winter months in this set of traditional tunes given their own unique treatment. Read our full review. November, 2023

Spell Songs is a musical performance based on The Lost Words & The Lost Spells, books by Robert Macfarlane and illustrator Jackie Morris. It brings together music, literature, language and art in songs that pay homage to the natural world. The Spell Songs ensemble features Karine Polwart, Julie Fowlis, Seckou Keita, Kris Drever, Rachel Newton, Beth Porter and Jim Molyneux. Read our full review. December, 2023

The Colour of Amber is an upcoming album by Nick Hart & Tom Moore, recorded live in the village of Yaxham, Norfolk, with Hart on voice, harmonium and viola di gamba, and Moore on viola and harmonium. The tunes, including this one, are all traditional, spun through their own vision and style. Read our full review. November 2023

There's such a solid instrumental dance tradition in Québec, so sometimes it's hard to sort through all the fine artists making music there. Nordri's new album Échos des mers du Nord jumped right out at us, though. Read our full review.
November, 2023



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