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Musiche a Danzare tra Oriente e Occidente
(Live Recording at Teatro Metropolitan , Catania - 24 Gennaio 2000)
Musicisti Associati Produzioni (

The choice of material here is well balanced between original compositions and traditional works, and the Oriental and Celtic tunes that basically form the raison-d'Ítre of Nakaira. The orchestrations are interesting and faithful to the originals and the performers have rehearsed this material thoroughly.

In other words, this is a record that seems made to be enjoyed by the likes of me. It, instead, carries a sense of clinical perfection about it, meaning that although it sounds highly interesting is never enjoyable enough to really let go in it. It is the sense created by a perfectly crafted Top Ten pop song written with the weight of the whole musical establishment thrown behind it. That is almost tragic because this record was obviously not produced like that - it's the work of four talented performers who have devoted a lot of caring into it, who take their craft seriously and there is not much arguing one can have with that.

What is missing, though, is the occasional slip of the live performance, the interference from the crowd, the hand that will drag you off your chair and lead you on a fevered dance. Leave this record playing in the background and it just dissolves in a kind of ethnic musak, never forcing you to pay attention to it. There is a logic behind this record I can understand, but which stops me from feeling anything about it.

If you are interested in music that is performed with zeal, restraint and perfect musicality, you will be well rewarded by Nakaira. If, however, you are looking for music of passion, careless abandon, soul and spirit, you should really be looking elsewhere. - Nondas Kitsos

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