Korai Öröm (Orom)
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Korai Öröm
Sound & Vision
Fonõ (www.korai.hu)

There are records that grab your attention the minute they start and this, with its wonderful opening riff, is one of them. Their sound is somewhere in the vague neighborhood of Cornershop, the Chemical Brothers and Afro Celt Sound System, funky without sounding shallow, groovy without sounding drugged out, rocky without clashing with the deep dance vibe; there is hardly a wrong note in here. Summer festivals were made for this sort of music, a sort of psychedelic/rave/ethnic/rock mix that is just a pleasure to listen and dance to.

While the first track (all tracks are untitled) may have the best riff of the summer, the second has the most brazen bass vibe. The fourth offers a soundtrack for a post-modern spaghetti Western, with some Indian influences added.

The sixth track is a collaboration with Besh o droM and Szilvási Gypsy Folk Band and it's probably the best of the record. Korai let the Roma musicians perform their music without interfering with the prime purpose, to make you dance. The accompanying video is interesting and very well produced and shows the Korais in various funny moments, while a lot of beautiful people sweat it all out at their gigs across Europe in 2001.

If you don't like dance music, if you don't like loud guitars and if you want your world music full of acoustic instruments, then this record is not for you. Otherwise, this may be a pleasant surprise; it's my personal favorite of the year so far. - Nondas Kitsos

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