Carmelo Salemi
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Carmelo Salemi
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cd cover Carmelo Salemi is a musician from eastern Sicily who is on a mission to make known the importance of the local vernacular reed instrument called the friscalettu.

Throughout the thirteen tracks of this concept album, which seeks to identify the mythological and historical points of reference of his home region, known in the ancient times as Hybla, Salemi manages to convince the listener that there truly is magic to be found even in the humblest of musical instruments.

Ably assisted by a group of musicians on mostly Middle Eastern or African instruments (such as darbouka, djembé, talking drum, udu, berimbau, riq, tinya), he creates music that feels close to its rural roots yet expansive, inquisitive and rooted. The use of all those instruments is always justified by the need to create a simple, rural sound that feels as much produced by the Earth as inspired by human beings.

On two of the tracks he has recorded natural sounds, incorporating them into his music, further creating a sense of union between the musician, nature and the listener.

Standout tracks include the rural introductory "Alveari" and "Anapo" as well as "Rama" and "Teatri dei Pupi" which almost sound classical in comparison. But mostly this is a record to be experienced rather than listened to, a means to be transformed to another place and (up to a point) to another time, through Salemi's mastery of this humble instrument.

This is a fine record that can provide a relaxing musical accompaniment, without, though, sounding trivial or throwaway. A significant attempt at reevaluating musical roots without losing sight of the process needed to reach the present times. - Nondas Kitsos

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