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Dan Gisen Malmquist
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Swedish clarinetist Malmquist started his career as a jazz musician, jamming around Malm� in the early 70's. Discovering the folk music of his own country, he turned his back on American jazz and instead began using traditional Swedish idioms as his launching pad for improvisational exploration. This third album is an affectionate, if somewhat lugubrious collection of original tunes with folk, jazz, cabaret, and a sprinkling of Eastern European flavors. With few exceptions the pacing is slow, the mood tender and often elegiac.

"Som det var"
Malmquist never hogs the spotlight, but allows his musicians plenty of elbowroom. Karin Sanden-Berg does some lovely work on cello, particularly on the elegant "Som det var." On a few tracks, drummer Per Melin's approach is a bit heavy-handed, especially on flowing pieces such as "G� p� vatten" or "V�g-g�ng." Fortunately, this doesn't last for the whole CD. His work is sharp and assertive on the few upbeat tracks. Malmquist himself has a clear, soaring tone on clarinet, as well as some fine work on flutes. Though initially the lethargic tempos come off as a little soporific, on repeated listening, subtleties emerge that pull the listener in. This is an introspective work, worthy of a close listen. - Peggy Latkovich

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"Gaban" (short excerpt)
"Som det var" (full song)
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