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Galinverna sound like they have just come out of the Middle Ages carrying with them the heightened sense of duty and awe associated with that period, coupled with a great vitality and verve, as someone escaping the Dark Ages!

But dark their music is not. This is some of the most melodically exquisite, heartfelt, timeless music that I have heard lately and if comparisons are to be made, the straightforward ones would be with practitioners of medieval music, such as the Anonymous Four or Hilliard Ensemble, although most of Galinverna's music is instrumental. It is also quite remarkable to notice that all their compositions are their own and new. They surely sound old, but as they point out in their liner notes: "Between imitation and reproposal, that's where the escape lies... using styles and instruments of different provenance, looking out for a new syncretism."

Particular notice is due to "Schläfrigkeit," a lively piece with German lyrics and the very Celtic sounding title track. Riding a precociously fine line between kitsch and genius, Galinverna manage to solidly stay on the latter part, providing the listener in the process with this, the most adventurous of musical gifts. - Nondas Kitsos

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