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Dreamers' Circus & Dr BÝrnekoret
Langt Ud' I Skoven

Danmarks Radio
Review by Chris Nickson

This has slipped under the radar, even for many of the Nordic bandís fans. Itís the trio (with a few friends), plus a Danish childrenís choir, performing largely traditional songs for children Ė a interesting subset of Danish folk.

Itís not something thatís been slapped together for an album and performance; thereís plenty of time and imagination gone into the arrangements, and everything soars with the usual Dreamersí Circus sense of melody. They seem to reach for memorable tunes without thinking, as the opener, ďEn Pige Gik I Ende,Ē so ably demonstrates.

Listen "Ride Ranke" (excerpt)

The combination of band and juvenile choir, singing in Danish, probably means niche appeal. But donít write it off as a novelty. A side road, perhaps, but a joy, nonetheless.

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Dreamers' Circus
Dr BÝrnekoret

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