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Trio Dhoore

Trad Records
Review by Chris Nickson

Listen "Poldervuur"

In their nine years together, the three Belgian Dhoore brothers who make up the band have come a long way. Starting out as highly talented young lads, they've grown into a central part of the European instrumental movement, influenced but not completely consumed by their native traditions.

Listen "Rednak" (excerpt)

August, their fourth album sees them experimenting more than ever before, bringing soundscapes, synths, and electric guitar into their world, alongside hurdy-gurdy and diatonic accordion. It makes for a timeless sound palette that is ancient and refreshingly new at the same time, especially as everything is handled sparingly and with quite exquisite taste.

Listen "August" (excerpt)

The nine original tunes cover everything from the life of a man who made 33 trips to Iceland as a fisherman (“August”), a tune that’s lyrical and wistful; to the unalloyed, childish, crackling joy of “Poldervuur” – the bonfire. They bring in a couple of guests, although their presence remains very low-key; this, as on all their discs, is about the family bond.

They don’t promise a musical revolution. What they deliver is well crafted, beautifully performed music that is ineffably European. – Chris Nickson

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