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Atomik Harmonik
Menart, Slovenia (

About 11 years ago I was at my advisor's house in Sheffield, UK, and stumbled across the German channels on his satellite dish. Surfing around, I eventually hit some soft core Bavarian porn featuring a jolly woodsman, a chambermaid in a St. Pauli Girl style outfit, and a conveniently located hayloft. Dial that back to PG13, and move it to Slovenia, and you have Atomik Harmonik.

Atomik Harmonik is a quartet of two happy go lucky guys, and 2 rather buxom blondes, who can't seem to afford properly sized outfits. Maybe they're spending all their money on sporting goods. One of the photos features Spela wearing a bandeau bikini top and hard hat, which nicely complements the gigantic Stihl chainsaw she's wielding. Spelca is also seen wearing a bikini, tastefully offset by a camo vest, hip waders and fishing gear. One of the guys, Frai Toni, is also a great lover of the outdoors. We see him nattily attired in plaid, complete with binoculars, what appears to be an animal call of some sort, and of course his accordion if things get slow.

Yes, it's hard to tell what the members of Atomik Harmonik love more: sex, the great outdoors, or the accordion. I suspect it's something of a tie; which no doubt makes for some interesting nocturnal encounters.

The music itself is in the Slovenian Turbo Folk style; a jarring clash of techno and polka music, interspersed with fake crowd noise, sirens, barnyard animal sounds and the occasional rhythmic female grunt, sigh or moan. Far and away my favorite is "Na Seniku" which adds exuberant yodeling to the mix, and will strain the patience of even your most tolerant party guests. In my ongoing quest to build a library of music to inflict on unruly neighbors, this one's a real keeper. - Eric Iverson

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