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Ambrozijn is one of those wondrous bands that make a simple description impossible. They can make music that is deceptively direct, using folk instruments like fiddle, guitar and accordion to produce straight folk melodies and dance tunes. But they can also jump out of the mold completely, advancing into difficult and complex new music full of unexpected rhythms and subtle dissonance. Their best material is a mix of traditional folk and avant garde attitude that makes them stand out from the crowd of European bands currently playing newly composed folk music. They get an extra push from having the good fortune of getting Gabriel Yacoub to produce and even contribute a few vocal backings, and there are some similarities between his approach and that of Ambrozijn. The arrangements are dynamic and demand great musicianship from each of the players. The vocals are rough, energetic and immediate.

"Vier Weverken"
Choosing an audio track to accompany this review was a tough choice, given the range of material on this recording. "Vier Weverkens" captures the subtle side, with a quiet yet modern sound, strong vocals and a clean arrangement for percussion, bass and guitar, with accordion contributing both edgey percussive strength and a complementary romantic melody. - Cliff Furnald

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