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Omar Sosa

Omar Sosa Quarteto AfroCubano

This CD was donated by and artist and Otá Records.
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"Momento 1"

"Enemy Lies"

"Old Afro A Baba"

The ensemble will be performaing across the United States in April and then Europe in May.
Find a fully updated tour schedule here

Since he emigrated from Cuba in 1993, Omar Sosa has forged a distinctive musical path, fusing an array of jazz, world music, hip-hop, and electronic elements with his Afro-Cuban roots. Omar�s newest recording, Il�, marks a homecoming for the 7-time GRAMMY-nominated pianist and composer to the Latin Jazz influences of his formative years in late �80s and early �90s Havana. During this period, Omar savored the music of Pancho Quinto, L�zaro Ros, Rub�n Gonz�lez, Machito, Benny Mor�, Arsenio, Cachao, Lili Martinez, Peruchin, Chucho Vald�s, and Irakere. Il� means homeland in the Lucum� tradition of Cuba, derived from the Yoruba language of West Africa, and it is to the Latin Jazz roots of his native Cuba that Omar returns for inspiration on this new studio recording.

Joining him on the project are three musicians with whom Omar shares a close connection: fellow Camag�eyanos, Ernesto Simpson on drums, and Leandro Saint-Hill on alto saxophone, flute and clarinet, and Mozambican electric electic bassist Childo Tomas � collectively known as Quarteto AfroCubano. These musicians speak the same musical language, using their Cuban and African traditions as a springboard for creative freedom.

Special guests on the recording include Cuban percussionist Pedro Martinez, American guitarist Marvin Sewell, Cuban saxophonist Yosvany Terry, and maestro Eladio �Don Pancho� Terry, patriarch of the Terry family, on chekere. Featured on vocals is spoken word artist Kokayi. And, reflecting the influence of his extended residency in Barcelona, Omar showcases flamenco vocalist Jos� �El Salao� Mart�n on several tracks, including a version of Cuban trova composer Sindo Garay�s La Tarde.

Il� offers contemporary interpretations of some of the classic Cuban musical styles the world has come to admire. Listeners will enjoy a mix of ballads and sophisticated mid and up tempo arrangements. Also included is a set of four atmospheric interludes, featuring traditional music samples combined with improvised piano and soprano saxophone accompaniment.

Overall, the compositional focus of the project is on ensemble playing. A noteworthy dimension is Omar�s use of the Fender Rhodes electric piano in equal measure with the acoustic grand piano.

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