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The Sisters Caronni
Las Hermanas Caronni
Navega Mundos

This CD was donated by the artists, so all proceeds go to help the magazine and radio program. We thank them for the generous support.

In his RootsWorld review, Tyran Grillo writes:
"Born in Argentina but living in France since 1998, Caronni sisters Gianna (clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals) and Laura (lead vocals, cello, violin) grew up in a multicultural family, absorbing a gamut of musical influences as they developed into the present duo. Sitting somewhere on the border of classical music and freer territories, they craft a form of chamber folk that is as lovely as it is intimate. Their original compositions are at once reflective of the past, and of a future in which fusions serve as expressions of genuine unity..."


"Macondo" (excerpt)

"Ya Me Voy" (excerpt)

About the sisters Caronni
"Though they were born 10 minutes apart, Gianna and Laura Caronni are completely in synchronization every second on stage. They have performed in the main concert venues in Argentina since the age of 12 as members of the Academic Orchestra of Theatre Colón in Buenos Aires and various other classical and contemporary musical ensembles. With several musical awards to their credit they left their home in Rosario, where their studies had begun on the banks of the river Paraná, and moved to Europe in the late 90's to complete their musical studies at the Conservatory of Music in Lyon, France. Now based in France, the twin sisters have paired and ventured separately into creative partnerships with various dance, theater and musical companies. In 2006, with the encouragement of friend and fellow musician Juan Carlos Cáceres, they began to focus on their own repertoire and personal compositions."

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