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Crooked Jades
Live at WPKN, Bridgeport, CT

The Crooked Jades at WPKN

The Crooked Jades fell into my lap one day in February. The cover art intrigued me enough to put it immediately in the CD player, and I found myself about 2 songs in sitting in rapt attention as the CD interrupted my work and moved into the foreground. This was the real deal - old time music for the 21st century, with no fusion and no apologies. I was hooked. By the end of the next day I had them booked to come play a Sunday morning performance at WPKN (hence, the rather thin "audience ambiance" you will hear on the recording) a few weeks later as they passed through town.

This is the way to hear this music, a group of musicians gathered around a single (albeit stereo) mic, just like old-time radio. I hope you enjoy it now as much as we did when they made the recording. - CF


The musicians: ADAM TANNER [fiddle/mandolin/vocals], JENNIE BENFORD [mandolin/guitar/vocals], MEGAN ADIE [bass/vocals], JEFF KAZOR [guitar/vocals], and ERIK PEARSON [banjo/banjo uke slide/guitar/vocals] More information about the music is available at Crooked Jades

CDs are available from cdRoots

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