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Pete Morton: An Interview

The audio for this interview
is no longer available. Sorry.
Pete was my guest at WPKN radio in Bridegport CT in September, 2000. In the three hours he was on the air, we shared a lot of idle chatter, he played some songs live in the studio, talked about songwriting, folk music (yes, we used the "F" word a number of times), and you will notice we probably had way too much fun. This is a severely edited version of the events. This interview is in four sections. Pete played a number of songs from his new CD Hunting The Heart, including "Deep Blue Sea" and "Battle of Trafalgar." He also played a border ballad, gave a wonderfully stripped down rendition of what he says is his most covered and requested song, and sang about "the day I rode that little bike without the stablizers on."

All songs are traditional or composed by Pete Morton
©2000 Pete Morton, (p)Harbourtown Music
photos ©2000 Cliff Furnald


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