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Ranji Kumar and Paul Woznicki
with the Edge City Collective

The Edge City Collective is a collaborative of musicians dedicated to writing, recording and performing genre-busting improvisational music. These pieces feature the two accordionists in the ensemble, Ranji Kumar and Paul Woznicki.

Ranji Kumar

New Delhi-born Ranji Kumar has degrees in classical and jazz performance from Temple University and the New England Conservatory.  Her credits range from classical (Orchestral Society of Philadelphia, Plymouth Symphony, Temple University Orchestra) to jazz (Boston Globe Jazz Festival, Studio Red Top Women in Jazz, Claire Ritter Group, Sy Platt Trio) to world music (Trio Brazil, Bala Hounds, and North Indian music ensembles).  She is also a certified music therapist and the great-granddaughter of German operatic diva, Babette Metz.


Through acoustic and electronic music, dance and performance art, Paul Woznicki has been prolific, working in and exploring the improv medium since the early 1970's.  With too many credits to begin to list, he is presently recording with a group of musicians in Los Angeles and Delaware over a bi-coastal interface line he designed.  His recordings have appeared on Red Records and soundtracks for the films Fiend and Nightbeast.  He's produced numerous CDs in his vintage basement studio.

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Ranjologie (Kumar)

Ranji Kumar – accordion

This is a collage drawing from Ranji's many influences, including Western classical, European folk, and free jazz.

Excerpt from Woz's Carnival (Woznicki)

Woz – button accordion; Ranji Kumar – accordion; Hugh Wattles – flute; Bart Miltenberger – trumpet

Woz's lively solo, tinged with European tradition, gradually transforms as elements of improvisational chaos are introduced, reflecting a freewheeling carnival state of mind.

Sognare (Schaffer/Woznicki/Kumar)

Woz – accordion; Ranji Kumar – accordion; Scott Schaffer – guitar

Scott's dreamy guitar serves as a template for an accordion duet. Woz begins on the left, and cedes to Ranji, on the right. The interplay of the two evokes images of a Mediterranean journey.

Basa-resono (Woznicki/Wattles)

Woz – accordion; Hugh Wattles – flute

Using special effects to create a moody, otherworldly ambience, Woz and Hugh embark on an accordion-flute duet like no other.

Rencontre (Schaffer/Downie/Woznicki/Hertzog/Kumar)

Ranji Kumar – accordion; Woz – synthesizers; Scott Schaffer – guitar; Paul Downie – doumbek; Dennis Hertzog -- violin

This piece will be part of the forthcoming Edge City Collective CD, Kosmichstrasse. Influenced by Indian classical music, it is an improvisational composition typical of the group's collaborative method; each performer added a successive layer that altered the outcome in a distinctive way. Ranji's accordion plays an essential supporting role to Dennis' violin and Woz's digital horn, as the three dance above Scott's melodic guitar and Paul's anchoring rhythm.

For more information on the Edge City Collective, see www.EdgeCityMusic.com, or contact them at [email protected] or 610-668-8436

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