More Mats
Mats Edén in performance

Here is a clip with the gut stringed fiddle. It sounds like a bumble bee, when I am playing for a dance.

Here is a spontaneous halling dance at the same festival during the release party for my Pastern CD. The man with the sun glasses dancing is Leif Stinnerbom's younger brother Ola Stinnerbom, a fine dancer. The other guy is a young actor and acrobat, but I forget his name. At 1.39 there is a semi bald man coming on the floor, thats Leif. And the guy just before him is Martin Myhr, one of the best halling dancers in Norway.

And here is the tune "De höga herrarnas polska" if someone would like to see what the harding fiddle looks like. It is the tune #3 at the kitchen concert.

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