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Lamia Bedioui & Solis Barki - Fin'amor Live, June 22, 2020
A performance as part of World Music Day, presented by Banglanatakdotcom's MusiCal series.

Tunisian born singer and instrumentalist Lamia Bedioui and Greek percussionist Solis Barki, capture the spirit of North Africa and beyond in this unique concert. They perform songs from around the world, from the 13th century until the 20th century, always open to improvisation when passion demands it.

In an earlier review, David Cox wrote:
Lamia Bèdioui is a Tunisian-born Greek resident who, along with her ensemble Desert Fish, present a stunning sequence of storytelling in music, a cycle of 14 stories that circle the Great Sea and back again, examining in particular the Greek, Romance and Arabic cultures of the countries known today as Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco. She has a voice that can handle these challenges and takes on each of these traditions.

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