We present a special concert recorded in Kaustinen, Finland featuring Ian Blake (Australia) on soprano sax and bass clarinet; Tigran Aleksanyan on Armenian duduk; Finnish vocalist Sanna Kurki-Suonio and English musician Andrew Cronshaw on electric zither, Slovak fujara and electric marovantele (a hybrid of Malagasy and Finnish zither). They call themselves (for now) Quieten.
(Editors note: they eventually named the quartet SANS and released a recording from concerts in Belgium in 2014 simpy titled Live.]


More information about the artists is available at Andrew's Cloud Valley web site

CDs by some of these artists are available via cdRoots

Photos by Maarit Kyt�harju, Andrew Cronshaw and Ian Anderson

This program was recorded by the ensemble in Kaustinen, Finland in 2011

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