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Where documentary and fiction collide is this video produced by Samuel Malka and Romain Philippon of the collective Contrebande. It highlights poet and composer Ann O’Aro, in a short live performance film. Before concert, the directors filmed some of the residents of the town of Tan Rouge in La Réunion for several days, to reveal improbable connections, human and artificial. With a dose of dark humor, "Virages" questions the viewer about the poetic, strong social and political links that can develop within a micro-society, the unique connections made in a small village.

The poem “Kap Kap” deals with child rape in direct, powerful and sometimes graphic ways. Song like this are not about intimidation or shaming, even if there’s discomfort for the listener in the words she speaks. “To talk about it, to sing it, to make music is to learn to think,” O’Aro argues.

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