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Monsieur Doumani - "Akamas' dragons"
Music & Lyrics by Antonis Antoniou
Produced by ToneDeaf & Monsieur Doumani - March 2016

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"Akamas' Dragons" was written and recorded by the band to highlight the Cypriot government's recent decision to allow development of the unspoiled peninsula of Akamas, which will reduce the size of this National Forest Park.

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Lyrics Translation

Dragons appeared at your windowsill, ready to pour poison,
they want to bury you and burn you, to cover you with cement
As soon as money begins to smell, the dragons appear, ready to suck...
they will attack and suck the jar dry

Don't let them fool you and don't you believe them, they have evil appetites
What they see, they want, Hands Off Akamas

Little ministers and charlatans, they are off to issue firmans,
to feed all the grabbers, all the short-sighted know-it-alls
Their accounts always need big bags,
and if their bags aren't filled to the brim, they're never satisfied,
they'll never rest, they'll never be content

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Find the trio online: www.monsieurdoumani.com

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