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Kimmo Pohjonen & Eric Echampard
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With time, in earshot of Finnish squeezebox wonder Kimmo Pohjonen and French power drummer Eric Echampard, the audibly attuned will soon dismiss every tired accordion cliché. Sweepingly orchestral in perspective, Pohjonen composes spontaneously, drawing upon a menacing arsenal of amplified vocalizations, cries and whispers, counterpoised against the accordion's bellowing chorded exhalations, extended via sampling, electronic loops and instantaneous playback,
all in service of densely layered, undulating waves of otherworldly sound. The music unfolds organically, whether at the time-lapse pace of a tender flowering bloom, or with the sudden, overpowering detonation of Mach 2 velocity. In lesser hands this would be a rank recipe for musical chaos, but accordionist and drummer sustain a profoundly intuitive sonic resonance, charting their way through the essential silence that punctuates, indeed defines, audibility itself. There is a trance-like quality to their work, a possessive power that propels players and audience forward alike. Pohjonen's instrument cackles, growls, teases, warbles, rustles, sighs and cajoles in lock-tight accord with the relentless drive of Echampard's thundering drum-skin tattoo. If genius is the word, Uumen may be its name. - Michael Stone

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