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This was Gregor's original Music Links page from the WMCE. I leave it here for you.
There are also many other links to be found at RootsWorld.
"This is all but complete, but many of the sites have their own linklists. The page also isn't state of the art design, but I hope you have some use for the information on it." - Gregor S.
Last update December 17 1996

Gregor's Latin music links (including Brazil, of course)


World music radio


  • Africa-Iwalewa (formerly listed as WeltMusik) German page on world music (in German 10-8-96)
  • GRAViTON a production company specializing in African music (9-17-96)
  • White Cliffs Books and CDs, featured in, a rather extensive site on music.(8-26-96)
  • AFRISONG RECORDS, mailorder company, prizes $15-$18 (8-13-96)
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan -official website- (7-12-96)
  • musiques et danses du monde en région Rhône-Alpes including a yet rudamentary English version (7-2-96)
  • Djembe, Danish worldmusic magazine, partly in English. (5-15-96)
  • Baaba Maal page(5-14-96)
  • World Music Distribution Inc. (World Muisc Mail Order Company from California, also features info on labels and artists)
  • Lebisol, a rock'n'roll band from Macedonia [new URL 8-30-96]
  • Ceolas - Celtic Music Archive (2-19-96)
  • Filipino Music Resources
  • Guava Tropical Timbre (caribbean sounds etc.)
  • Callaloo(music etc. from Trinidad)
  • BA Music Austin Klezmorim CJAC
  • Africassette mailorder for African and World music (had the link wrong. Corrected)
  • THIRTY BELOW (Québec Traditional & Folk Music Distributor)
  • African Music Archive (changed URL 7-30-96)
  • Yothu Yindi (commercial site)
  • Cape Verdean Music
  • Some sample articles from the excellent book, " World Music. The Rough Guide"
  • Ethiopian Pop Discography
  • The Zouk Archive(link updated, gosh, it has grown huge)
  • Youssou N'Dour (new URL 5-14-96)
  • Haitian Music (with lot's of .au 's)
  • RagaNet, An Electronic Zine on Music and Fine Arts of India (new URL 9-30-96)
  • The Encyclopedia of African Music (lots of info, many links I was too lazy to include here).
  • Afro-Caribbean Music Guide
  • lots Reggae links can be found at the Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide's linklist, at Boomshaka's list, or at JAMMIN REGGAE ARCHIVES' list(I do consider reggae world music, but I rather have other people take care of reggae links. There's just too many.)
  • Mizik(new URL 9-7-96)
  • DE W.B. Caribbean Music Page
  • Dirty Linen(very extensive, up to date, and informative)
  • Folk Roots (also very informative, but unreliable server. It's down a lot)
  • Roots World (from the same author. He's probably a tree.)
  • Eric Charry's home page including West African Music samples
  • Village Pulse Outpost (roots oriented record company with some West African stuff)
  • Tim Llewellyn's page, (orthodox soukousian)
  • World Music at Yahoo(links only)
  • Newsgroups:
  • experts, low volume, suffers heavy non-related posting)
  • alt.exotic-music(Although more tolerant towards just strange music, this group doens't suffer as much non-related posting. Not as profesional as
  • (if you can't access it, try this), nice little interesting group

  • World Music Radio:

  • Roots & Wings from Canada (10-17-96)
  • Radio Campus Bruxelles, some World Music programs along with others.(6-25-96)
  • Cliff Furnald's playlist(5-9-96)
  • Terra Pura, Portugal (3-11-96) with original linklist
  • Verdensmusik , THE World Music Programm in Denmark (so they say :-)) (2-19-96)
  • Ceolas Worldwide Celtic Music Radio Listing(2-19-96)
  • cafe international (contains lots of album recomendations,new URL 9-7-96)
  • Afropop Worldwide
  • Folk Roots' wireless page on world music radio shows
  • PBS-FM, Melbourne, Australia (incl.playlists, good linklist)
  • WNUR's continental drift show, Evanston, IL
  • One World(Chicago)

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