WMCE December 1996

  1. NE LA THIASS, Cheikh Lo, Senegal (World Circuit)
  2. ROAD OF THE GYPSIES, Various Artists, Various Countries (Network)
  3. TRIBU, Sally Nyolo, Cameroun (Lusafrica)
  4. TATEBOLA, Mory Kante, Guinea (Missilin)
  5. HERE AT BLACK MESA ARIZONA, Lunar Drive, USA (Nation)
  6. A L'OLYMPIA, Cesaria Evora, Cap Vert (Melodie)
  7. MAD C.T. MIX, Hamid Baroudi, Algeria (Vielklang)
  8. LA RICA COSECHA, Celina Gonzalez, Cuba (Tumi)
  9. GOMBO SALSA, Africando, Various Countries (Stern's) (review)
  10. WAKE UP, Koffi Olomide & Papa Wemba, Zaire (Sonodisc)

Compiled by Johannes Theurer on behalf of the World Music
Workshop of the EBU. Copyright by MDR Sputnik/EBU
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