WMCE October 1996

  1. WOROTAN, Oumou Sangaré, Mali (World Circuit)
    Last month: 1
  2. BERESIM, Argan, Morocco (Barbarity)
  3. AFRICA STAND ALONE, V.A., Various (Mango)
  4. MUTUASHI, Thashala Muana, Zaire (Stern's)
  5. SPICES OF ZANZIBAAR, Mila Na Utamaduni, Tanzania (Network)
  6. GROV, Hoven Droven, Sweden (Xource)
  7. RUMBA ROUND AFRICA, Ry-Co Jazz, Zaire (Retroafric)
  8. REV AN NOU, Boukan Ginen, Haiti (Xenophile)
    Last month: 3
  9. NUBIANA, Salamat, Egypt (Piranha)
  10. AFROLUSAMERICA, V.A., Various (Tropical Music)

Compiled by Johannes Theurer on behalf of the World Music
Workshop of the EBU. Copyright by MDR Sputnik/EBU
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