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Kepa Junkera

November 2006

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Title Artist, (Country of Origin) (Record Label)

  1. SAVANE Ali Farka Toure, Mali (World Circuit)
  2. HIRI Kepa Junkera, Spain (Elkar)
  3. PASJA LEGENDA Brina, Slovenia (DruGod)
  4. ELECTRIC GYPSYLAND 2 Various Artists, Romania/various (Crammed)
  5. BREATH Mercan Dede, Turkey/Canada (Doublemoon)
  6. BOOM PAM Boom Pam, Israel (Essay Recordings)
  7. GOLDEN AFRIQUE VOL. 3 Various Artists, various (Network Medien)
  8. SHTETL SUPERSTARS Various Artists, various (Trikont)
  9. ALMINARES MEDITERRANEOS Caravasar, Spain (Resistencia)
  10. MUSIQUES METISSES Various Artists, Various (Marabi)
  11. IDJAGIEDAS Mari Boine, Norway (Emarcy (Universal))
  12. EOLH Almasala, Spain (Ventilador)
  13. BURLESQUE Bellowhead, United Kingdom (Westpark)
  14. M'BEM DI FORA Lura, Cape Verde (Lusafrica)
  15. DA QUESTA PARTE DEL MARE Gianmaria Testa, Italy (le Chant du monde)
  16. RIMFAXE Gjallarhorn, Finland/Sweden (Vindauga/Westpark)
  17. ABACABOK Tartit, Mali (Crammed)
  18. ELECTRIC GRIOT LAND Ba Cissoko, Guinea (Totolo)
  19. MASCARAS Sergent Garcia, Spain (EMI)
  20. EL EVANGELIO SEGUN MI JARDINERO Martin Buscaglia, Uruguay (Love Monk) read more

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