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Rim Banna

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June 2005

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TITLE Artist, Country of Origin (Record Label)

  1. DIMANCHE A BAMAKO Amadou et Mariam, Mali (Because Music)
  2. APARELHAGEM DJ Dolores, Brazil (Crammed)
  3. VAMOS QUE NOS VAMOS Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Spain (Satelite K)
  4. URBAN GYPSY Shukar Collective, Romania (World Music Network)
  5. TOMORA Ballake Sissoko, Mali (Label Bleu/Indigo)
  6. ECHU MINGUA Miguel Anga Diaz, Cuba (World Circuit)
  7. TRANSPARENTE Mariza, Portugal (World Connection)
  8. EL KILO Orishas, Cuba (Capitol Music)
  9. COR DE PORC L'Ham de Foc, Spain (Galileo)
  10. BASTARDISTA Celia Mara, Brazil (Globalista)
  11. GILI GARABDI Fanfare Ciocarlia, Romania (Asphalt Tango)
  12. MKUTANO Taj Mahal & the The Culture Music Club of Zanzibar, USA/Zanzibar (Tradition & Moderne)
  13. LA VACHE QUI PLEURE Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Canada (Munich Records)
  14. THE WALTZ OF EMPTINESS Zulya, Australia (Westpark)
  15. DI KORPU KU ALMA Lura, Cape Verde (Lusafrica)
  16. AFRICAN GUITAR SUMMIT Various Artists, various (Global Village)
  17. THE MIRRORS OF MY SOUL Rim Banna, Palestine (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)

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