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September, 2002

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Title / Artist / Country of Origin / Label

  1. SPIRITS FROM TUVA / Huun-Huur-Tu / Tuva / Jaro
  2. BIRIKO / Kandia Kouyate / Mali / Stern's
  3. CANCO DE DONA I HOME / L'Ham de Foc / Spain / Sonifolk
  4. TIERU / Gabin Dabire / Burkina Faso / Intuition
  5. KRISHNA LILA / DJ Cheb I Sabbah / USA-India / Six Degrees
  6. SINIKAN / Sekouba Bambino Guinea / Sono/Nextmusic
  7. SENZA FILTRO / Daniele Sepe / Italy / Dunya Records
  8. SPECIALIST IN ALL STYLES / Orchestra Baobab / Senegal / World Circuit
  9. TRIBUTO / Suba / Brazil / Crammed Discs
  10. CONTRADITORIO? / DJ Dolores y Orchestra / Santa Massa / Brazil / Stern's

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