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August, 2000
Title / Artist / Country of Origin / Label

  1. MUSICA NEGRA IN THE AMERICAS / V.A., various (Network)
  2. MORE GRIP Sidestepper, UK/Colombia (Palm Pictures)
  3. URA Oskorri, Spain (Elkarlanean)
  4. ZUMBI Andrea Marquee, Brazil (Stern's)
  5. CHIMURENGA EXPLOSION Thomas Mapfumo, Zimbabwe (Anonym Records)
  6. PAIVEPO Oliver Mtukudzi, Zimbabwe (Sheer Sound/Putumayo)
  7. FUSEBOX Jolly Mukherjee, India/UK (Palm Pictures)
  8. NOUAR Cheikha Rimitti, Algeria (Sono)
  9. ECO DE SOMBRAS Susana Baca, Peru (Luaka Bop)
  10. MAMA MUNDI Chico Cesar, Brazil (Universal)

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