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Warsaw Village Band
Barbes / Jaro Medien (www.barbesbrooklyn.com / www.jaro.de)

The Warsaw Village Band is a conservatory trained sextet that pulls the eastern European village string band conception in all directions, inspired by and provocatively mixing Chopin, Polish folk dances and rhythms, Indian ragas, the blues, disco funk, and then some. The musical direction comes from Wotjek Krzak (violins, nyckelharpa, drums) and singer-cellist Maja Kleszsc, the latter comprising a terrifyingly resonant vocal trio with Sylwia Swiatkowska (violin, fiddle) and Magdalena Sobczak-Kotnarowska (dulcimer). No putting your finger on this one, rife with knowing, nameless mystery, joy, offhand mischief, passion, and a percussive interplay of local knowledge and global acuity. Start listening where you will (say, "Over the Forest," "Skip Funk," "Heartbeat," or "Little Baby Blues") and find your way in from there. - Michael Stone

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"Skip Funk"


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