Störling and Henriksson - Bland Winblad och Tulpan
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cd cover Ulf Störling & Anders Henriksson
Bland Winblad och Tulpan

Giga has produced a large catalogue of Swedish folk music, with over 70 albums since the label was founded in the late 1970s. They have always had a strong focus on traditional music from the province of Dalarna. So it is surprising that their 77th release is their first from the neighboring province of Hälsingland. Bland Winblad och Tulpan presents music to be found nowhere else. Ulf Störling and Anders Henriksson's sources of inspiration passed away long ago, and there has been a major shift in style since they were young, so this duo sounds quite distinct from younger Hälsingland fiddlers. The shimmering timbre, the airy articulation and flexible bowing make their style distinctive. Störling also makes some use of a fascinating "double bowing," a syncopated harmony based on double stops.

"Voglers polska"
Hälsingland is known for technically demanding polskas in B flat, but this makes up only a small part of the region's music. This album showcases lively, joyful music, often 16th-note polskas with flowing, inventive melody lines and compelling harmonies. Several melodies sound very old, particularly those in the minor keys. For example, Ulf Störling writes in the liner notes that "Voglers polska" transformed from a polonaise in the fancy dance halls to a rough polska in the barns of Hälsingland. In fact, much of eastern Sweden's older folk music originates from central Europe, and one can wonder, in hearing these tunes, where the line between folk music and classical music lies.

Störling and Henriksson's distinctive technique and beautiful tunes make this a must have for lovers of Swedish fiddle music. - Staffan Jonsson

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