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cd cover Think of One Trafico Crammed ( Loose in attitude but capable of creating some very tight boundary-crossing music, Belgium's Think of One combine slippery Roma style horns with Brazilian percussion and vocals, a sonic sense as open-minded as that of Manu Chao or Lo Jo and a willingness to borrow a groove from anywhere that strikes their fancy. While they first made a name beyond their home base of Antwerp with music that blended their brash, bouncy brass with Moroccan sounds, Trafico takes the predominantly Brazilian feel of Think of One's last album, Chuva Em Po, and runs gleefully further with it. The main difference is that where the previous disc had more rockish textures to it, this one leans more toward funk in its readily definable moments.

Along with the recurring Brazilian elements, Think of One go a few other choice routes as well. The title track sways to a reggae pulse, "Tahina" punks out toward the end, "Flor D'Agua" contains more than a hint of Afrobeat. Many memorable moments involve instruments that are blown into or struck, but the band's looped genius carries over into their guitar, keyboard, vocal and production chops as well. The songs, slightly wacky though they can be, are earnest in their nod toward Brazilian styles and rhythms. A number of Brazilian guest players rooted in traditional music help achieve this, resulting in an album that's rousing and authentic. Not musical purists in any strict sense, Think of One knows where to draw the line and how to pass on a great mix of substance and fun. - Tom Orr

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