Tin Hat Trio
Angel Records (www.angelrecords.com)

cd cover The Tin Hat Trio is composed of Mark Orton (acoustic guitar and Dobro), Rob Burger (accordion and a bit of piano) and Carla Kirlstedt (violin and viola), all virtuosic on their instruments. Their ensemble sound is moody, meandering and consciously enigmatic. On this album the trio performs a set of original instrumentals in a "cool," quirky manner.

To give a connection with something you might have heard, the Tin Hat Trio exhibits a bit of Astor Piazzolla's taste in their arrangement of rhythms and musical interactions. There is a bit of the New York String Trio, some "free" improvisation, and an overall "continental" ambience.

Most cuts mix improvisation with ensemble sections, the latter featuring interesting timbral and harmonic textures (without the aid of electronic gadgetry). In the end the Tin Hat Trio is sui generis, marking their own musical trail. This is the kind of album that is worth taking a chance on. - Stacy Phillips

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