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cd cover Mattisgard & Røine
Sudan Dudan
Ta:lik (

Sudan Dudan is the first duo recording by Marit Mattisgard and Anders E. Røine, although Røine guested on Mattisgard's solo album Tre ord te de. These two musicians play several instruments each, and their voices are surrounded by the sounds of langeleik, guitars, banjo, fiddle and mandolin. The record sleeve signals the source of Sudan Dudan's inspiration, and their fusion of Norwegian melodies with American-roots music works really well. While many other folk musicians look to jazz or classical music for inspiration, Mattisgard and Røine looked towards the US. In the langeleik, the Norweigian have an excellent dulcimer, and Røine's instruments are all part of the old time fauna; he is definitely one of the most interesting multi-musicians in the Scandinavian folk music scene. The melodies are usually in minor keys, often lullabies and tragic ballads about lost love and death.

"Prĉstens hustru"
"Prĉstens hustru," a rather ordinary folk song, is given wonderful treatment and is among the strongest cuts on the CD. Rĝine pluckes a guitar, adds a driving banjo accompaniment and finally he sings a beautiful harmony.

Norwegian label Ta:lik's pure and natural recording approach suits this duo very well. Mattisgard's voice is rich and very nuanced and you feel close to the two musicians, delivering some of the most emotional and moving folkmusic to be heard today. ­ Staffan Jonsson

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