Maria Röjås - Silverringar små och stora
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Silverringar små och stora
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Maria Röjås is one of Sweden's most important singers. At the prominent folk music school in Malung, she has been teaching voice for some twenty years. In turn, she has learned much of her music from her father, the legendary fiddler Röjås Jonas. Although she has appeared on numerous recordings, this is her first solo project.

Silverringar små och stora contains 24 tracks; a varied selection of love songs, old ballads and wonderful polskas, many in the repetoire of her father, from Boda in Dalarna. This region has a characteristic asymmetry in its polska melodies, with a short first beat and a long, light second beat. Most of the material has been with Maria for a long time, which perhaps explains why it feels so natural and easy. The clear, bell-like timbre of Röjås' voice stands perfectly well on its own, but the subtle inclusion of flutes, mandola, accordion and the voice of Anders Larsson on a few tunes adds some nice color. Silverringar små och stora is a long-awaited album, a wonderful documentation of one of Sweden's finest singers. - Staffan Jonsson

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