Peeni Waali
The Eve of Peeni Waali
Mensch / 2 CD set(

cd cover Peeni Waali is a Caribbean pseudonym for the summer "firefly" or "lightning bug." There are an estimated 200 species worldwide and it is has proven to be an especially apt icon for this growing, inclusive patchwork of global citizens who have all at one time or another performed before the microphones and soundboards of producer Victor "Fizze" De Bros. This, the third edition of the Swiss reggae dub weaver's work was released on The eve of year 2000. CD One is a mixture of new songs, old covers, and alternate versions of other previously released tracks. Mixing it up on every conceivable level, the quilt this time reveals reggae love songs, racial blues, Mongolian ska, comic hommage, unique instrument combinations, fearless color harmonies, and more.
Like other Peeni Waali productions the listener gets an unpredictable set list eccentrically drawn from folk, jazz, and rock songbooks, plus originals. In short, everything and anything could be on the menu if it makes for 'a jolly good time'. A large bonus is included here with three tracks with the Heart Beat Band (featuring trombonist Rico Rodriguez), "Can't Stop Rudie," "Crossroads" and "Singing Her Name," from the excellent 1988 Mensch EP. Three new remixes of "Beacon of Hope," "Rockamon Soul" and "More Nice Time" finish the disc out.

"More Nice Time"
CD Two is wall-to-wall dub variations, 73 wild party minutes, all derived from sessions spanning the 90s. The latter is especially good for either getting up or setting down. PW espouses pure celebration; ending racial divides of any kind, while advocating a Jamaican-rooted, (mostly) instrumental studio art with strong jazz-caliber performances. Island music, steppe music, mountain music, city music and still others, coalesce here at a starpoint of worldly sophistication and local cordiality. With its exquisite chops, positive vibrations, and an astonishing cast of one hundred contributors, this latest edition totaled equals refined but earthy fun, and signals possibilities yet undreamed. Essential for any serious follower of the Lee Perry church of crazy saints, no other readily named world dub theorist has glimpsed quite the same plateau of plurality so playfully. - Steve Taylor

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"MongolSka" (Fizze/Selnge Z.) and "More Nice Time" (Fizze)
©2000 Mensch Music, used by permission

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