Pau i Treva
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Jordi FÓbregas, Maurizio Martinotti, Toni Torregrosa, Renat Sette
Pau i Treva
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These musicians come from a number of places, to put their voices together to remember, and demand if not the all-out ending of wars, at the very least ceasefires on holy days. Why can't it be done, they argue? People a thousand years ago could do that (the record gets its name from a Medieval edict, "Peace and Truth"), yet in our times we are fighting wars even more vicious than those of long ago.

They come from Catalunya, Piemont, PaÝs ValenciÓ, Provenša, England and al Djazair, each bringing their own stories, sounds and traditions. They Unite within this project to create a record that avoids the didactic and the rigid in favor of good vibes, lovely music, great instrumentations and tight playing.

The music of Piedmont, Catalonia, Moorish Valencia and Occitania define this recording, creating a true party atmosphere even if its material is dark and thought-provoking. The guitars, ghironda (hurdy-gurdy), flute, cornmuse, violins and cello, with the electric bass and drums, are augmented by less familiar local instruments to make a universal sound. It is difficult to pick up individual songs for praise - this is a complete work where all the songs deliver. Each works alone and all stand together as a whole.

This is a beautiful record, well produced and expertly sung and played. There are general notes in French, Italian and English, but translations of the songs nowhere to be found, either in the liner notes or at the very least on a website, as is common these days. It would have been much easier for those of us who do not speak the languages to better understand the stories behind the songs. Still, don't let this stop you from acquainting yourself with this recording, one that that arrives in the name of peace, demanding of us to lay down our weapons. Vný pura dzarmÓ! - Nondas Kitsos

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