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Ojos de Brujo
Six Degrees Records (www.sixdegreesrecords.com)

Spain's Ojos de Brujo isn't the only band dressing up flamenco in bold modern colors, but they seem to be getting the most notice with their fiery, energetic approach. Techari finds them carrying on in much the same manner as their previous release Bari and achieving similarly impressive results. What makes the Ojos de Brujo approach so satisfying is how cunningly they give a Gypsy/flamenco foundation the benefit of other musical embellishments (Indian, Afro-Cuban, Arabic) that updating via hip-hop, funk and electronics accommodates without dominating. The band began brainstorming Techari while touring in support of Bari, and though the new album isn't radically different, some subtle new directions are taken. Several tracks have a more pronounced Latin feel and the disc has more rhythmic twists and turns that bridge the connecting moments within songs. This brings an even tighter sense of seamless fusion than the last release, allowing maximum impact for such ODB trademarks as sudden melodic jolts, syllabically tricky singing, deftly shifting percussion patterns and full throttle techno bursts. But the entwined flamenco guitars also never falter and the voice of sexy/scary lead singer Marina Abad ranges from a conspiratorial whisper to a richly blood-curdling yowl without missing a nuance. Ojos de Brujos' musical wizardry is still plentifully spellbinding on this latest offering. - Tom Orr

The artists' web site: www.ojosdebrujo.com

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