New Tango Orquesta
Part II
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New Tango Orquesta is a Swedish avant garde concert tango band. This, their second album, is all-instrumental, with the tracks composed by bandoneonist Per Storby. A mix of tango (but always tango) with jazz, classical, and a little rock, the nuevo tango here evokes an image of the lights of Sundsvall harbour on a winter night.

Part II stands as a free form but well-mixed, integrated unit, with different tunes but basically the same style and dramatic tempo alternations throughout. The most striking track the 10 minute "Mission," featuring stunning, brutal and massive piano bass attacks and shrill, rapid string glissandos, abruptly alternating with smoldering, dreamy interludes of strings, bass and bandoneon. The seven minute "Bewitched" begins as café dirge accordion, rises in pitch to an interlude of Gustavsson's emphatic piano, goes on to a slow motion variation, and then circles back. the seven minute "Gravitation" emphasizes Peter Gran's fluid jazz guitar and Christian Kullberg's perky double bass. At times "Fugato" is total chaos; Thomas Gustavsson's stark keyboard attacks incessantly and those amazing violin slides echo throughought. It is the passion and energy of NTO's tango style that defines the recording. In parallel fashion, the classically influenced violin of Livet Nord is the thread of elegance that also ties the work together. Part II is a interesting, skillful, sophisticated album; it is high culture tango, not something to dance to at the Old Finn Hall. -Judith Gennett

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