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Si la terre…
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Children's music has come a long way in the last few decades. Any parent who had to endure more than a couple of run-throughs of "Rubber Blubber Whale" is the tougher for it. Any child who spent their formative years with the notion that this was the best we had to offer is the poorer for it.

Belgian flautist/singer Geneviève Laloy refuses to play down to kids. On her debut, Si la terre…, she presents the listener with a wide palette of styles to choose from, from jazz to folk to blues to cabaret to reggae and trusts the listener, regardless of age, to choose wisely. The lyrics have run the gamut of whimsical subjects, from pondering what it would be like if the world was an orange to singing a tender paean to her grandmother. With six musicians backing her up, she has a healthy array of tone combinations to help her tell the stories. The quirky waltz "Tim-la-bonne-étoile" sweeps along on clinky percussion, kazoo, and oompah-pah accordion. "Rêver de s'envoler" races the clock with fast brush work on the drums and a squeaky little car horn in the background. The soft, expansive "La lune claire luit" is a perfect lullaby with which to end the disc, with sweet accordion and milky bass over a silken guitar ostinato.

Si la terre… is being marketed as a children's album. Okay, my sons are twenty-three and seventeen. Whenever a children's album crosses my desk, I pass it on to one of my friends with small kids. This one, I'm keeping. That should say it all. - Peggy Latkovich

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