Ragnhild Furholt with Leiv Solberg & Birger Mistereggen - Lån Meg Vengjene
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Ragnhild Furholt with Leiv Solberg & Birger Mistereggen
Lån Meg Vengjene
Ta:lik (www.talik.no)

A release from Norwegian singer Ragnhild Furholt is a rare thing. This is only her third in twelve years. More's the pity. She has a rare talent for unearthing atmospheric old songs from her home district of Agder and arranging them to perfectly suit her flute-like voice. Here she collaborates with percussionist Birger Mistereggen and guitarist Leiv Solberg to create something that is comforting and familiar at one moment, mysterious and arcane the next. The economical arrangements keep a sharp focus on the songs and on Furholt's ripe, plum-like vocals. The title track has a litany-like flow that hovers over a warm pool of shimmering vibraphone. The march-like "Møllardottera," is a crisp number with just has a little snare and touches of damped guitar. "Venerus" is a moody, mournful song with sparse vibraphone and languid, willowy notes on Stratocaster. Furholt dives into the deep end of her range with the galloping "Grev Guncelin," made even more muscular with percussive acoustic guitar and saw-like jaw harp. This is music that is immediate as a sharp stare yet carries the dust of Norse history on its feet. - Peggy Latkovich

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"Grev Guncelin"


CD available from cdRoots

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