Al Temps de Fèsta en Occitania - Lou Dalfin
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Ocitania on DVD Lou Dalfin
Al Temps de Fèsta en Occitania (DVD)
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Lou Dalfin have been a cornerstone of Occitanian music (and culture) for quite some time now. This DVD provides an extended canvas upon which they draw together a number of parallel threads, both in the main body of the disc (a two-hour video recording of a Torino concert), as well as in the essential extras that provide valuable insight to the soul and earth of d'Oc, their land.

My way into the DVD was initially through those extras, in order to get a deeper understanding of the culture of their particular corner of D'Oc. "Nostrà Tèrra," is a walk around the land, meeting the people who inhabit it: the singers (old and young), the midnight parties out in the woods, the traditional dancing teachers, the people who learn the old dances. "Nòstres Instruments" describes in detail (in a way that only the audiovisual experience of the DVD can provide) all the instruments used in the region with small, very funny, improvisations. Just watching the landscape is enough to draw you into this mountainous land that seems eternal, severe and sincere, its people proud and friendly. It felt like a private tour from someone in the know. In that respect alone, this is a welcome addition to the collection of anyone interested in all things Occitanian.

The core of the disc is a 2004 concert held at Hiroshima Mon Amour. It's a great show, all power and energy with perfect sound. Sergio Berardo (leader and driving force behind Lou Dalfin) is an amazing host throughout the record and the concert with astute, sometimes caustic comments but a love for his land that is really infectious. Between songs he talks about the homogenization of globalization and the tourist-friendly belittling of their land. The audience have a great time, as evidenced by their constant dancing and singing. It's a great rock concert experience.

The music will be familiar to those who already know the band and most newcomers will be beguiled by this rock fusion, done with taste and a sympathy to the canon that never feels forced or contrived.

Lou Dalfin have taken it upon themselves to act as ambassadors of what they describe as Europe's largest forbidden country. Standing in that room, with the Occitanian flag behind them, singing the Occitanian National Anthem, the pride for their homeland burning in their veins and powering their music, they achieve their aim with this beautifully-packaged, musically exquisite DVD, a must for followers of the band and recommended for everyone interested in hurdy-gurdy, accordion and rock fusion. - Nondas Kitsos

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