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Banda Krebinsky
Jet Lag
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This band from Spain- or rather, this “small popular orchestra emerged from an imaginary universe,” which is how they describe themselves - was formed to supply the soundtrack music for the 2011 film “Crebinsky,” a tale in which two brothers and their cow survive a catastrophic flood. The band/orchestra has continued as a recording and performing unit, and Jet Lag is their second release. If the cover illustration of what looks like a bunch of dirigibles shaped half like cows and half like submarines suggests that the music is going to be a lot of fun, a spin of the disc proves it. The opening title track is anything but fatigued, as the wailing of sirens gives way to a breakneck, romping attack somewhere between klezmer and punk rock.

Yeah, these guys are, well, let’s just take the easy route and say a fusion band. Their instrumentation (which includes clarinet, accordion, acoustic bass and violin) and overall sound could lump them into the Eastern European/Balkan musical category, but their penchant for suddenly switching to jazz, rock, or a vibe that sounds slightly Caribbean or Ethiopian reveals them to be not only craftily skilled musicians but adventurous ones as well. If I had to narrow it down to one thing about them that seems to be their wild card, I’d have to peg the xylophone and vibraphone playing of Carlos Castro, which consistently makes the nutty moments nuttier and the sweet moments sweeter. Still, the whole band is darn good and Jet Lag is a rollicking pleaser that only a hopeless sourpuss couldn’t like. - Tom Orr

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