The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves
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The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves
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Săo Paulo native, former model, and Suba protégé Cibelle is back with her second CD, and it's a real puzzler, almost defying direct description, as if you had to write a review of the sun. It's easier to talk about the light and heat it gives off than the thing itself. Departing from the bossa-techno-lounge of her debut, Cibelle has kept her Brazilian roots, but has headed in the unlikely direction of what might be called trip-hop meets folk. This is the land where Arto Lindsay meets Joni Mitchell, Morcheeba meets Nick Drake, and Esthero meets Tom Zé. Fans of Lila Downs, Ely Guerra, Smoke City, or Susheela Raman will eat this up.

Mind you, it requires the right frame of mind, and ideally a hot and lazy sunny day to fully appreciate. A steamy night with your object of desire would work even better. It's not so much a set of songs as an extended atmospsheric meditation; not unlike Debussy or Satie, or the movie "Being There." Deftly and effortlessly creating its own languid reality, the CD never puts a foot wrong. It's like a dream you don't want to end. And if you press the right buttons on your player, it doesn't have to. -Eric Iverson

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